Life in the gray areas is difficult.

There is this feeling that something is wrong with you, but you can’t put a finger on it. Life feels overwhelming.

When people mistreat you, resentment toward them increases, but you cannot speak up because expressing feelings is complex and might make matters worse. Although you help everyone else, you often get nothing in return. At the same time, you seek others’ approval and worry about being abandoned.

Maintaining relationships at any cost is emotionally tiring. Burned out is an excellent description of how you feel. You might even frequently daydream about dropping everything and disappearing.

There is no time to help or take care of yourself. It’s hard to function for yourself. To you, everything is either black and white, right or wrong, making it difficult to see the gray in life. At this point, life feels empty and emotionally draining.

Learn to live abundantly in the gray areas.

We can only truly love others to the extent we love and care for ourselves. I want to help you restore balance to your life and relationships. We will start by rebuilding your self-esteem and replacing negative self-talk with positive thoughts.

You will learn how to set limits with the people in your life and why it’s essential. Gaining communication skills is important. Learning to communicate how you feel will require openly expressing those feelings without fear of conflict.

You will connect with yourself and begin to use your body as a guide to navigate life and relationships. It’s finally time to invest and love yourself how you have always loved those around you.

Learn to live in the gray areas and have an abundant and fulfilling life. We can work together to help you overcome the codependent feelings, allowing you to have healthy relationships and more control over your emotions.