Individual Therapy

Find time for personal exploration.

People seek individual therapy for many reasons. Some want to explore options with a non-biased professional who can explore various options with you. Others might want to gain more awareness of themselves and how others see them.

Individuals also pursue individual therapy to help them learn how to communicate more effectively or cope with challenges in a healthier manner.

Some clients may need help working through challenging memories or beliefs that make it difficult to move forward. You may be tired of people throwing darts at your suffering, making matters worse.

Working through personal issues, big and small, is where individual therapy can help. This time is YOUR time.

We will not simply treat the symptoms.

My approach to individual therapy is unique. In our first sessions, we will work on building a foundation for a strong relationship. I wholeheartedly believe that our bond’s strength determines much of the outcome for my clients.

From the very beginning, I will identify with and normalize your pain. This space I offer is for you to feel heard. I want to learn about your life, family, relationships, goals, and dreams.

Our work together is the beginning of a journey to become more aware. I ask clients to begin a meditation practice, and I will guide their practice in and outside of sessions. Meditation will help you become more conscious and aware of your life and learn to be more present.

As you connect more deeply with your experiences, the real work begins. When you and your body are ready, we will unpack and process the past experiences that create unwelcome patterns in your life.

Contact me today, and let’s start addressing your struggles.