Being in a relationship has its challenges.

Are you repeating patterns in your relationships? Do you feel like you have tried everything, but no matter what you do, it always ends up the same? Everything starts excellent initially, but things deteriorate over time.

You might feel stuck waiting for people to hear you or make the necessary changes to feel connected and happy. It’s hard to feel close with one-way communication, especially when your needs become neglected. At this point, you feel like the giver in every situation.

It may seem like a constant cycle of stability and fighting. Everything is fine, and then you don’t talk for days. Nothing gets resolved, making conflict the only form of communication.

There is a way to stop repeating these unconscious patterns.

Relationship therapy can help strengthen connections.

Problems happen in relationships when we over-promise and underdeliver. The answer to healthier relationships is surprisingly simple. Learning new skills can help, but the heart of the issue is authenticity and a connection with yourself.

When we stop expecting others to change for us and fully accept all the parts of ourselves, we allow for deeper intimacy and connection with others. You can learn to become more accepting by having more realistic expectations and becoming more aware of your relationships.

Let me help you find the tools and awareness you need to create space for healthy relationships based on connection rather than disconnection. You can fearlessly love and feel loved through acceptance, commitment, and flexibility.

You deserve healthy and safe relationships; I can help you get there!