Trauma Therapy

Dealing with trauma is challenging.

You may find yourself constantly thinking about the past while at the same time trying to avoid things that remind you of that traumatic event.

The same patterns keep repeating, and you can’t seem to stop destructive behaviors. Perhaps you suffer from nightmares, anger for no reason, feelings of hopelessness, or being on constant guard of some event triggering recollection of the past.

You might even blame yourself and feel like no one understands your struggles.

Maybe you have tried therapy before, only to feel frustrated when it wasn’t a fit or didn’t help get to the root of the problem. All you know now is that something needs to give.

There are no shortcuts to healing from trauma.

I know this because I have been there and tried almost every approach to overcoming trauma. From personal experience, I know what works and where the dead ends are.

Protecting ourselves from the pain of the past only leads to more damage and dysfunction. I have helped hundreds of people let go, and I want to be the person to help you as well.

My career in healing those suffering from trauma began with working with combat veterans. Some of those veterans held on to emotional pain for over 50 years. Now, I am considered a leading trauma expert in Colorado.

Our work will take time, but healing from trauma is possible.

Here’s how my therapeutic approach works.

In our sessions, we will work to build a trusting relationship. I want to learn about you, your life, and your relationships. Your pain does not define you!

I will ask that you begin a meditation practice to aid in the recovery process and deepen your ability to connect with yourself. When you are ready, we will use this connection as a portal to explore and heal the wounds of the past.

Clients are amazed at the shift and transformation that occurs inside themselves. Receiving therapy that promotes that shift is precisely the approach and process you have sought for a long time.

Reach out today to start your healing journey.